A watermark is a visible, often translucent, design or text superimposed onto a digital image or document.
🤩 Benefits of Watermark -
Watermarking posts on social media serves several purposes, and individuals or businesses may have different reasons for using watermarks. Here are some common reasons:
Ownership and Copyright Protection: Watermarks can be used to assert ownership and protect the copyright of the content.
By including a watermark with a username, logo, or other identifying information, it becomes more difficult for others to claim the content as their own.
Placing a logo or a brand name on images helps in building brand recognition. This can be particularly important for marketing and establishing a consistent online presence.
Promotion and Marketing: Watermarks can be used strategically for promotional purposes. For example, a watermark might include a website URL, social media handle, or a hashtag related to a campaign, directing viewers to the creator's online presence or a specific promotion.
😍 How to create a Watermark in Social Planner?
  1. Go to Marketing > Social Planner
  2. Click on settings of Social Planner
  3. In different tabs, go to the tab of Watermark.
Social Planner Watermark 1
  1. There is button of Add Watermark
  2. User can add the name of watermark
  3. User can add the alignment of watermark - Top, bottom, right, left, centre
  4. Opacity can be added to the watermark.
  5. User can scale - resize the watermark image.
  6. There is an option of auto padding - adding more space around the logo.
  7. By default, watermark will be added to all the posts - image(s). In the advanced settings, we provide option to turn off watermark.
Social Planner Watermark 2
Watermark Social Planner 3
Note -
  1. We today only support one watermark.
  2. Watermark doesn't get applied to videos.
  3. Watermark will be added for all the socials.
Watermark social planner 4